CBD for IBS – American Marijuana

Central to the efficacy of CBD for pain or inflammation relief is the dosage that you use. Unlike a standard pain relieving or anti-inflammatory medication, where the dosage is clearly spelled out on the back label, using CBD can be much more tricky.

Truthfully, it is hard to prescribe a “one size fits all” for CBD dosing. General CBD dosing guidelines state that it is best to start small (i.e. 5mg) and make note of how it affects your body. If you do not find it is sufficient, then you can begin to gradually up the dosage.

If you are using an edible gummy, measuring 5mg will be easy. However, if you are using CBD oil for IBS, it can be a bit more complicated to measure out 5mg. You can use this as a guideline: most CBD oil bottles will come with a dropper that can hold 1 ml of liquid. If your CBD bottle contains 500 mg of CBD, for example, then you can estimate that there are 0.05 mg of CBD per drop. This number, of course, will vary depending on the amount of CBD that is in your particular bottle, but you can base your dosage off of this mathematical formula.

There are other factors that will affect what is the correct CBD dosage for you, such as your age, weight, and even your body chemistry, which can be a rather abstract thing to measure. This means that discovering the correct dosage for you really comes down to a matter of trial and error.

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