6 things Martha Stewart always keeps in her ‘pretty bare’ refrigerator

  • Martha Stewart recently spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about her morning routine and fridge necessities.
  • Stewart lives on an expansive property that allows her to collect fresh eggs from her many chickens.
  • She also swears by having creme fraîche, cream cheese, and butter in her fridge at all times.
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For a celebrity chef, Martha Stewart admits she keeps her refrigerator very “bare bones,” but has a small list of necessities she always keeps around.

Stewart recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar for its “Food Diaries: Bite Size” web series, and talked through everything from her morning routine to her favorite cocktails, go-to dinner party entreé, and the select few items she has to have in her kitchen at all times.

Here are six things Martha Stewart always keeps in her refrigerator.

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