Got lost while high (funny tale)

A few hours after using a 10MG Indica editable i acquired around retire for the night. We visited circumambulate the coffee dining table inside our family room ( its approximately a 4’x4′ dining table) like it was taking too long so I went back to the couch as I walked around the left side of the table it felt. I then tried walking around the right side and got about halfway again and turned back around again like it was taking too long because it seemed. And this happens some more times I started laughing while scratching my head before I stop in front of the couch again and. My wife yells from the bedroom “What is so funny?” I reply back to her “I can’t figure out how to get around the coffee table. Every time I try its taking too long so I keep coming back to the couch.” She is heard by me busting away in laugher. She very nearly peed by herself she had been laughing so very hard at me personally. And so I take to travelling the side that is left and make it about three quarters of the way this time and turn around again and go back to the couch. I hear my wife yell from the bedroom “Do I need to come get you?” I yelled back “No I’ll figure it out” So this time I go around the side that is right once I felt it had been using a long time I kept going anyhow and got across the coffee dining table finale and surely could head to bed.

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