Strain Spotlight: Outdoor Auto Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Seeds

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store Strain of The Week

Name: Outdoor car Feminised Seeds

Breeder: Phoenix Seeds

THC Level: 16 – 20%

Effects: Long Lasting, Powerful

Yield: 500 – 700 g/plant

Flavour: Fruit, Skunk

This stress established fact if you are a flowering that is fast high yielding and stocky plant that is ideal for outdoor growing. She also isn’t extremely obvious as a* that is( plant therefore will conceal well between the remaining portion of the yard. This woman is additionally praised on her potency that is impressive as as her delightful scent and fragrance. This version is also auto-flowering and feminised, perfect for all types of grower and for more breeders that are advanced


This stress had been especially designed to be grown outside and was made by combining Skunk with a strain that is fruit-heavy. The result is extremely delicious and fragrant in addition to maintaining all the fantastically powerful aftereffects of Skunk. She had been additionally designed to be resistant and discreet to disease and bugs to make sure she can thrive outdoors.


Due This strain is extremely potent and long-lasting to the amazing production of THC resin. It offers a level that is high of and so may not be ideal for newer smokers. Medicinally this is a strain that is great those people who are enduring rest problems. Recreationally it really is ideal for sitting regarding the sofa and simply having a evening that is chilled with some snacks.

Flowering Time and Yield

This strain was created to have a flowering that is short of simply 49 times. This strain is autoflowering in order to ensure this short flowering time. Autoflowering strains will flower at a certain point in their life rather than as a result of a cycle that is light. This not merely shortens the flowering time nevertheless the stature associated with plant, contributing to its discreet nature. This plant normally feminised and can just develop into feminine flowers. The yield is very high and can frequently strike around 500 – 700 g/plant. This plant will also grow well indoors and will produce a yield of around 500 – 600 g/m2.


Outdoor despite the name Auto Feminised has a combination of the fruity that is sweet because of the classic style of Skunk. The odour is less effective compared to Skunk that is average strain it can be grown outdoors without worrying about prying neighbours. The scent and flavour are very unique for this stress which is positively well worth offering it a spin merely to taste it.Would you love to add some Outdoor car Feminised to your collection?(you enter the code: FIRST

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