Thailand pushes cannabis as next cash crop : worldnews

I have a crazy Thailand story. I got really drunk in koh panghan because some Thai bartender took a liking to me and kept giving me triple vodka red bulls for free. I have this hazy memory of being annoyed at something and went on a mission to find cocaine. Started asking random strangers, went down some alley and into some random Thai guys house, who gave me some to ‘test’. Came back and bought a gram off him – got to the beach and realised they’d stolen it back + £300 in baht from my back pocket. Did I take this as a warning and go back to my hostel? No.

I went on a mission to try again. Walked up to the first taxi I could see and asked him. He drove me, on the back of a moped, to the centre of the island. I got in a cab in the middle of a jungle with a complete stranger and spent 20 mins trying to BARTER with him. Bought some. Lost £200 in baht in his car somewhere.

Got back to the hostel. Sobered up. Realised I’d had my wallet and phone stolen. Went to bed. Woke up and realised I’d broken a toe (it was literally bent out of place). Binned the cocaine.

I booked a flight back home that day aha

I still cringe when I think about it. So fucking dumb. Could have easily ended up in prison, or worse.

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