ᐉ Oklahoma House Approves Expanding Nonresident Medical Marijuana Licenses ᐉ Hot CBD …

The Oklahoma House on Thursday approved extending the length of medical marijuana licenses granted to out-of-state residents.

On a vote of 52-32, the House approved legislation to extend nonresident medical marijuana licenses from 30 days to two years.

House Bill 2022 from Rep. Scott Fetgatter, R-Okmulgee, would also open nonresident medical marijuana licenses up to residents from all 50 states. Currently, only medical marijuana license holders from other states with medical marijuana programs are eligible for a nonresident license to buy, use and grow medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

“It does allow people in all 50 states to come to the state of Oklahoma for their medical needs,” he said.

Medical marijuana licenses for Oklahoma residents last for two years, so HB 2022 would change nonresident licenses to match up.

“There are patients out there that need longer opportunities, whether they have cancer or some other medical issue, so I felt it was necessary to just extend that out so they’re not having to constantly renew that license,” he said.

To qualify, a nonresident would have to get approval from an Oklahoma doctor and pay $200 for a license that would have to be approved by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. [Read more at The Oklahoman]

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