Deep Six Brings Delta 8 THC to Scranton, PA – PRNewswire

“Why pay $250 for a medical marijuana card? Try Delta 8 THC first!” remarked Deep Six president Nick Kruczaj, an Air Force veteran and cannabis entrepreneur. “No one should have to pay hundreds of dollars to visit an approved doctor, more if they’re out-of-network for your insurance provider, to apply for medical marijuana product use. “

He added, “With so few local marijuana dispensaries in the area, we’re thrilled to bring Delta 8 THC dispensary know-how to Scranton, PA. We’ll also continue to carry CBD products for customers who don’t wish to experience the ‘high’ and flavored vapes such as the new Atlantic Vapor RIPTIDE disposable vape.”

Viewmont Mall Deep Six customers report using Delta 8 THC for everything from PTSD to simple relaxation, and that they enjoy a soothing, clear-headed “buzz” without the slack-jawed paranoia & anxiety that traditional Delta 9 THC cannabis can cause when consumed.

Past studies have shown a range of THC 8 benefits similar to Delta 9 THC, including Delta 8 for pain management, appetite, nausea, and its possible effects on cancer.

Deep Six’s location in the Viewmont Mall, just a short drive from Dickson City and Dunmore, opened in early 2020 and began by serving their community with a range of hemp-derived vape, oil tincture, and edible forms. CBD for pain, inflammation, and mild relaxation was the name of the game, but 2020 made it clear that something more substantial would be needed for some of their customers.

Scranton residents owe it to themselves to try Delta 8,” said Benton Purtle, Operations Manager of Deep Six CBD. “I use a Delta 8 micro dose as a more natural alternative to attention medications such as Ritalin. I’ve battled with ADHD for my entire life – Delta 8 THC oil tincture, used consistently in very small doses, helps me to maintain focus in my daily professional and personal lives.”


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