Rolling Stone magazine has created a cannabis cultural council of advisors, and one of the first pieces of content from that silo is out this week discussing the future of cannabis branding. Hey. Cool.

And as it turns out, it’s right where Canna Provisions has carved out a place as the best woman-owned adult-use recreational retailer with the best selection of craft marijuana products in Western Massachusetts. (Also: Chemdog is coming…)

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Rolling Stone Culture Council with thought leaders and senior executives from cannabis and other industries around the country.

From Rolling Stone:

In the next year, we can expect a more sophisticated cannabis industry to put down its roots out east, creating highly coveted opportunities for mature West Coast and Midwest brands to become established and nationally recognized household names. While this is a momentous occasion for operators who are hungry to enter these lucrative new markets, the next two years could make or break some of the biggest names in cannabis if they do not focus on building brand loyalty.

The piece also “found that the end goal for these brands and operators is to transform the legal industry into a mainstream CPG sector. In the industry’s nascent days, products had very rudimentary branding and packaging. Customers who frequented the first dispensaries were also often limited to smokable flower products that were inconsistent in both potency and quality. Now, products come in countless flavors, cannabinoid profiles, dosages, onset times and consumption methods that cater to every consumer segment imaginable.

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Marijuana THC tinctures are great examples of CPG cannabis products done right. Have you seen this video?

It’s that focus on products is what has made Canna Provisions the best woman-owned adult use cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts. The menu boasts products ranging in effects (upbeat and energetic, calm balance and anxiety free, or full body relaxation and nighttime sedation). Also, strain specific (sativa, indica, hybrid) or just cannabinoid focused with different ingestion methods (inhalation, transdermal, ingestion, etc).

Learning what best marijuana product style (THC tincture, concentrates, flower, pre-roll, edible, topical) fits you is the core mission which overlaps with the Canna Provisions customer service mantra.

Which is simply meeting consumers where they are (especially during Ski Season in Western Mass) and providing them with the service, education, and personal attention that helps #betteryourjourney in cannabis.

Check out our online menus at our stores for the marijuana flower, prerolls, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and other goodies to help deal with the stress, anxiety, physical or existential pain that 2020 has brought upon you.

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