I am about to start my first grow and I would love some help with what plants to try growing.

I’m not sure if this is big enough but I planned on building a 4×8 grow tent for as many plants I can fit in there. (I only have one light so I don’t think I will be able to make the tent much bigger maybe 5ft wide if it matters? also 4 plants would be the max I am legally allowed to grow) I have already bought the mylar my grow tent will be built from and I have a “AirCloud dual speed in-line duct fan” which is rated for 324 CFM. My light is a “vipar spectra timer control series” model TC900S which is rated for 900W and I’m just hoping I will be able to use everything properly lol. if anyone has some tips on things beginners usually miss or do wrong I would love to hear it but my main question is what strain should I try to grow? I have heard good and bad things about auto flowers and I don’t know if some strains are easier to get a good yield from than others. Just for reference It’s sorta dry and on the cold side here but I suppose that can all be changed in the tent. any and all advice / tips / recommendations are welcome thanks in advance 🙏🏼

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