Fed regs

It’s on the way soon enough, but it’s not going to start with just full blown legalization. The MORE act calls for decriminalization and expungement, which just means the federal government won’t have any means to prosecute the states, but there won’t be any federal cannabis program.

Most likely to follow is a legalized medical program so more studies can be conducted then full legalization. However I think you would be surprised at how many people who work in the cannabis industry are actually opposed to government legalization and regulation.

For starters look at Canada, they have a government run cannabis industry and it’s been tanking ever since it started beside the handful of giant corporations producing mass commercial weed.

Second, and this can be argued to be selfish of people in the industry but still holds a valid point, is if they legalize medical first on the federal level, they could include in the law that only licensed pharmaceutical companies can produce cannabis for medicine and research, wiping out the state medical markets and basically handing the cannabis industry over to big pharma. While it might sound like a conspiracy theory, just look at how our government has treated cannabis for the last century and tell me they wouldn’t still do some shady shit like that…

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