The use of marijuana in athletics has been banned for a long time. However, cannabis also contains a chemical compound called cannabidiol (CBD), which by itself contains no psychoactive properties like THC. As a result, more athletes are turning to CBD to help improve their performance.

Since CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation with little to no adverse effects, it is only growing in popularity among athletes at all levels. Want to try some yourself? Here are four kinds of CBD products that are great for athletes.

#1) CBD Protein Supplements

Athletes spend a lot of time training, exercising and gaining strength to improve their performance. To perform at their best, they want to be at their peak strength and conditioning. This means they pay a lot of attention to things like their workout recovery, so they don’t have to push back their next workouts due to soreness, inflammation and pain.

Since CBD helps with all of that, you can work it into your workout recovery diet. That can include CBD protein bars you take as a pre-workout snack, or CBD protein powder you can add to your post-workout smoothie.

#2) CBD Topical Cream

Another popular athletic product to help with recovery after workouts or competitions is topical creams to treat acute soreness and pain. This is especially important when you’re recovering from an injury that can keep you away from workouts and games for a while, setting your progress and performance back. CBD topicals for injury recovery are great to apply to your joints and muscles to reduce pain and inflammation and help your recovery.

#3) CBD Skin Patch

A similar product to help with soreness and pain caused by an intense workout or acute injury are skin patches. You probably already know about transdermal (skin) pain patches like ThermaCare or Icy Hot. They work by applying to the specific area of pain, and slowly the pain relief is absorbed into the skin and dispersed through the bloodstream in the affected area.

When you can add CBD to the other pain relief compounds of these patches, you get even better relief that can last for as long as a full day. Athletes can even use them during a big competition when they still have lingering pain or soreness, so they can still compete at a high enough level.

#4) CBD Oil for Sleep

Sleep is crucial to athletic performance. When you are sleep deprived, your body produces less glycogen and does not save as much carbohydrates that is stored to produce energy when you are physically active. This means you have less energy and focus when you want to perform at your best. It’s why athletes at high levels take sleep very seriously, making sure to time their needs and daytime naps to make sure they have optimal energy at game time.

CBD oil for sleep is something that can help you fall asleep when you want, and improve your quality of sleep so that you feel more rested. It affects your body’s natural circadian rhythm so you feel sleepy at the right time, and helps decrease sleep disruptions like pain, stress, or anxiety.

There are other types of CBD products that can help athletes with their performance, including taking CBD oil directly. CBD is relatively new in terms of how much we understand it, with the bulk of research on it only being done in the last decade or so. There is still a lot we don’t understand regarding how it works, and how much it can help with things like pain. Over time athletes may find even better ways to use CBD to improve their performance.