MV/MZ Dispensary Tiles

Resource Type: Tiles

Maker Format: MV/MZ

Art Style: MV RTP (MZ is a bit too saturated)

Description: Ok, so I’m going to have two descriptions. A game description and a tile/request description. A lot of artist like to know what their artwork will be used for, and my game, like my request, is a bit special… so I figured I’d let people know how I plan to use their art up front.

Game Description: Originally I couldn’t do this and refrained from asking for requests due to the nature of my game… but long story short, I’m redoing my game in MZ and after tweaking a few things I have a version that’s more forum friendly. That said, if the ESRB were to rate my game it would still be rated M. Very much thematically in line with GTA, it’s not a children’s game. There will be alcohol use. There will be adult language. There will be… a lot of stuff, but you should understand what I’m trying to say. If you don’t want to create something that would be used in a mature game then this request probably isn’t for you. Also, I want to specify that it’s mature but there won’t be any birds and bee making honey and… eggs, going on in the game. You know? Uhm, that said… I’m making two games concurrently and I might use resources from this one in the other, which is basically this game plus some uh… additional features…… So if that might a problem, this might not be the request for you.

But about the game. Without going into any specific detail about the plot, the aim of the game is follow along the MC as he grows/lives in the world. It’s a coming of age story where the MC is given an ability and a choice. He can choose to abuse the power, use it for good, or barely use it at all. Quests/themes in the game will cover various topics like poverty/LGBT issues/environmental issues/numerous other social issues and so on. The MC has three basic paths, positive/negative/neutral, to take and the main and side quests can be handled in any of those three ways. The goal is to, over the course of the game, talk about various topics that hot/current issues and/or things people are usually uncomfortable talking about but we as a society need to discuss. The game is not political, at least not in the sense that it’s for any political party, but it will discuss political issues. The game will also talk a lot about sex and topics related to sex/gender. It’s not all serious tho, it’s still a game and the goal is still to enjoy the story and have fun. I think I have a good GOT/fantasy style story mixed in there with all that serious talk so I hope people will have fun with my game(s).

But, like I said, it’s a game that covers mature topics. Notice how I stress that?

Resource Description: As the tittle says, I’d really like some tiles that I could use to make a dispensary tileset. Primarily the weed assets. Plants in various stages of life (sprouts, early veg, late veg, blooming, budding). There are some assets that I could use for sprouts already so maybe they aren’t needed but the other stages are definitely needed. The blooming and budding would ideally be done in multiple varieties to reflect different strains. Nothing major, the blooms/buds could just be different colors.

It would also be nice if you made a few tiles of manicured bud and/or bud in jars. I’m not looking for a lot, maybe enough things to cover about 25% of a B tileset. If you wanted to make more, that’s great too. But really, I just want a few plants and some buds. Maybe even a bong or two.

Reference Images: I don’t have any images to personally show but Weedcraft Inc is a pretty good example of what I’m looking for in terms of how I want the plants to look. You don’t need to buy the game, just look at the picture/video to get an idea of what I’m talking about. I mean you can buy it if you want too, but I just need you to see the pictures.

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