Hashtag Buyers’ Choice 2020: Flower

As 2020 comes to an end and we celebrate the beginning of a new year, the team at Hashtag decided to take a look back at some of our favorite products of 2020!

This year, instead of asking our budtenders about their favorite products, we reached out to our lovely purchasing team and asked them to share their favorite products of 2020, to bring you the inaugural Hashtag Buyers’ Choice 2020.

We thought it would be neat to highlight some of the magic that happens on the backend here at Hashtag, because without our most excellent cannabis purchasers, we wouldn’t have any cannabis to sell to you! Every weekly, biweekly, or monthly purchase order is built out of data analysis, trend watching, and personal relationships with our partners built over the last five years.

Our awesome team of three — Em, Mel and Chris — compiled their list of this year’s MUST HAVE items for an epic high New Year’s Eve from home.

In fact, let’s introduce you to our purchasing team with some pre-COVID tour photos!

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