Curaleaf Florida Dispensaries (2021 Update)

We recently spoke with Curaleaf about Curaleaf’s goals, how they’ve been operating in Florida and what changes might we see in 2021.

What products will we find at Curaleaf Florida in 2021?

We should expect to see the same great 2020 products and more. The team expects more products under the Select brand. Curaleaf carries many different strains, each with unique characteristics. Vapes, tinctures, prepack flower, ground flower and prerolls can be found at Florida Curaleaf dispensary locations. They even use live fresh frozen flower in their Select vapes providing a very smooth experience. Nanochews and classic chews are available. Nano technology allows for fast absorption by your body. Arctic berrry, strawberry, watermelon, lemon chews are available now with more to come.

Will there be new Curaleaf Florida dispensary locations in 2021?

Curaleaf is always looking for additional locations. Like the other Florida medical marijuana dispensaries they have to carefully navigate state laws as well as individual city/county zoning approvals.

What should consumers expect at Curaleaf?

A consistently great customer experience at all of their stores. With a strong national brand and a dedication to incredible products and customer experience, consumers should expect to be satisfied at all of their Florida locations.

Is Curaleaf Florida dispensary good for patients new to cannabis or medical marijuana?

There is no one type of patient at Curaleaf. Patients who are very familiar with cannabis can find great products like shatter and crumble (concentrates). New patients can get 1:1 assistance on learning about cannabis and ways to consume cannabis. There are private consultation rooms where a Curaleaf staff member will answer all your questions. And, they encourage new patients to give them a call and they can answer any quetions!

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