Any successful stoner stories? I’d love to here some.

I’ll go first. I’m 45m and an Anesthesiologist in California and I make around $480,000 a year and have been doing so since I was 32. I’ve payed off all my student loan debt which was around $80,000 and a house fully payed off as well. I started smoking cannabis at 14 and have been continuous since then. School has always been super easy for me. I was an okay student; slacked off a little, but my parents never worried about me smoking because my grades were always great. When med school came after getting my BS in medicine I slowed down and stopped for about a month to pass certain drug screenings. Now, I smoke every day but only after work and the kids are asleep. It’s an amazing way to relax after spending 8+ hours in the OR. I have an amazing family, house, and even a vacation home in the mountains for winter time or summer on the lake there. It’s an amazing life and i’m proud to be a stoner.

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