7 Ways CBD Can Help You Follow Through With New Year’s Resolutions

How to build your own new normal in 2021 with the help of CBD.

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Resolutions carry an extra significance in the coming new year. We all learned something new about our strengths and weaknesses as we weathered the storm that was 2020; we learned what really matters to us after nearly a year in varying levels of isolation, and this year’s resolutions are bound to be our most thoughtful and sincerest yet. The problem, though, is that the storm’s not over. Stressful circumstances remain for most, which can make incorporating new habits and routines a bit more complicated. Still, whatever your commitments to yourself in 2021 may be, the first step is managing stress and taking care of our health. CBD can help with that.

Here are seven easy ways to make CBD a part of your day-to-day life for a calmer, more focused year ahead.

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Stay Consistent with a CBD Gummies Starter Pack

Price: $150
In order to benefit from CBD—even just to assess whether you’ve found the right product for you—you have to be consistent. I find gummies’ versatility as an adult vitamin and a candy reward make it easier for me to make it a regular habit, and it’s easy to keep with you if your schedule’s less predictable. A multipack like this one is ideal to avoid getting bored with a particular flavor, giving you a variety of melon, peach, and blueberry gummies. Each is packed with 25mg of CBD, which is just the right daily dose for rookies (and really anyone) to balance any nerves or distractions.

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Make It Special with Hemp Hatcha Powder

Price: $33
Want to know why laborious skincare is such a trend? Because it’s nice to have a ritual each night. Yes, physical benefits are the goal, but it’s an addictive habit because of the ceremonial, centered me-time it provides. It’s fun. So, if you’re having trouble being consistent with CBD, make it more fun with a bit of pomp and circumstance, like this “ceremonial grade” CBD powder. The finely-milled powder is made from hemp grown by a third-generation farm, and it’s truly made to be used like matcha. Stir in half a teaspoon for a verdant, 15mg CBD tea, or bake it into a Hatcha Cake.

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Take Care of Yourself with Rapid Soothing Crème

Price: $40
One of the most concrete things we understand about CBD’s effect on our bodies is its anti-inflammatory quality, and inflammation is the root cause/side effect of hundreds of common ailments. This topical from Sera Labs (yes, the company that just tapped Nicole Kidman as its new face and strategic brand partner) is the product Kidman turned to after an ankle injury converted her into a CBD believer. Bad back, carpal tunnel, a sore neck, a pinched nerve—slather some on whenever and wherever you feel discomfort.

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Work With Your Body Cycles with Xula Tinctures

Price: $59 and up
Our bodies’ needs fluctuate throughout the months and years, and a CBD oil that worked for you in 2019 may no longer be doing the trick. You have myriad options when it comes to tinctures, and many of them are great! But a tincture can do more than just nourish those CBD levels. I really like these formulas by Xula that combine traditional medicinal herbs with recipes designed for changing bodies. The uff! Tincture is made to soothe symptoms of menstrual cycles and pregnancy, while the whew! Tincture includes hibiscus, schizandra berries, black cohosh root, hemp, shatavari root, and sage to deal with menopausal effects.

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Sleep Better with CBD PM Softgels

Price: $33
Anyone who maintained regular sleep rhythms over the past nine months deserves their own book deal. It’s no small feat to fall asleep after working from home all day, and some stresses need more than ocean sounds to quiet down. Sleep aids are another instance where CBD + something else can have a more impactful effect. These Procana capsules contain 15mg CBD and 3mg melatonin per softgel to amplify sleepier effects. If you also don’t love falling asleep with the oily residue of a tincture on the tongue, they’re ideal for bedside dosing.

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Stress Less with a Eucalyptus Mint Bath Soak

Price: $10
CBD bath bombs may be all the rage, but they’re not of much use to those of us without bathtubs. Which is a shame, because the combination of epsom salts and CBD is truly an ideal treatment for the entire body. The solution? An affordable bag of loose CBD bath salts like these. Take your biggest bowl, or, if you can, hop on up your bathroom counter to turn your sink into a footbath. Put on a podcast and try resting your hands and forearms in the sink for 15 minutes. By using a fifth to a quarter of the recommended salts for a full body bath, this is a great way to take care of your body and zen out at home under budget.

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Finish What You Start with Dark Roast CBD Coffee

Price: $23
As much as CBD can do to help you feel better, it doesn’t solve your problems. It doesn’t finish that screenplay you’ve been meaning to work on. It doesn’t fill your fridge with fruits and veggies. It’s up to all of us to make the changes we wish to see in our lives. It’s ok if you need to reach for that third cup of coffee to make that final push on a busy day, but maybe try this CBD infused version to balance any jitters from all that caffeine. If you’re someone who likes to combine real weed with your morning coffee for a creative start to the day, including CBD in the mix can really help guide that high to more productive territory.

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