CBD Bath Products: How Do They Work?

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Are you looking for the best bath products? Hemp-based topicals are an excellent option for combining CBD with your beauty routine. Pamper yourself this holiday season with high-quality hemp topicals, such as CBD bath salts, bath bombs, and home-based mani-pedis.

What are CBD Topicals?

Hemp extracts are growing in popularity. But not everyone’s keen on ingesting the plant products. CBD topicals are creams, salves, ointments, and similar items you apply to your skin. These are simple to use, and many are less expensive than the more traditional oils, edibles, and creams. Consumers should think about adding CBD bath salts to their winter skincare routine.

The availability of these items is growing daily, with new brands and types hitting the market regularly. Along with lotions you rub into your skin, there are plenty of water-based options. Some of the best bath products contain the popular hemp extract.

Using CBD Topicals

Ass mentioned these are easy to use. Most items are safe to use with all skin types, including sensitive. Some creams are okay to use all over, and others are more specific. For example, there are face creams designed to provide extra moisture to your face and neck area.

You can add lip balms to hydrate and protect your lips, which is an excellent stocking stuffer and item to keep in your purse or pocket in the winter. Also, many consumers love soothing foot creams that offer relief for flaky and cracked heels.

One of the first topical bath applications was the bath bomb. Now CBD bath salts are another top favorite. These often contain Himalayan or Dead Sea Salts that have their own unique properties that add to the CBD benefits. You can use all of the products above multiple times daily. Just reapply as needed.

Do CBD bath salts Work the Same as Creams?

CBD for pain, CBD extract for pain, CBD oil for pain, CBD oil for inflammation, CBD turmeric oil

Topical CBD works by absorbing through your skin where you have cannabinoid receptors. Your body contains an endocannabinoid system that includes endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors, and enzymes. The system helps regulate your body’s processes. Its receptors are located throughout, including your skin.

Phytocannabinoids, such as CBD, naturally interact with the receptors to create a response. The hemp extract in the product interacts with the CB2 to activate it. In about 15 to 20 minutes, you should notice the difference.

CBD bath salts with THC Won’t get you High

Although these absorb through your skin and into your bloodstream, they won’t produce a high or cause a positive drug screening. Hemp products contain less than .3% THC, which isn’t enough to cause a psychoactive response. Also, when the cannabinoids absorb through the skin, they don’t affect the brain or CNS.

Add CBD topicals to your Christmas list. From lotions, balms, and creams to CBD bath salts and bath bombs, the list of body-soothing topicals almost seems endless. Remember, when choosing the best bath products, consider items rich with CBD and other natural ingredients. They nourish and hydrate skin, reduce stress, and relax muscles.

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