Amco Review of Suit 443 grown Stardawg

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This Sample was harvested on 10-7-20 and tested on 10-27-20. Chemdawg 4 bred to Tres Dawg make up this sativa dominate powerhouse for patients whom need a uplifting euphoria to treat symptoms of PTSD , CPTSD, Bipolar syndrome, Chronic nerve pain or depression. This Sample Thc tested at 24.4% and the Cbd tested at 0.052%. Now to the Amco High Opinion.

The Look

This 1/8th sample present as one egg size well trimmed bud and a couple smaller pieces. The pepper shaped flower is multiple hues of green from forest to a blue-green coloration in spots. Its tight packed buds show off its density tot he e, There is no air or whispyness at all to this Stardawg sample.The tricombs are plentiful and obvious to the naked eye as well. Amco High Opinion of 9 out 10.

The Smell

The Nose on Stardawg can be quit different person to person. Im getting that earthy wet scent along with a smell of soured fruit. This crop isnt got a real chemical stench like the Stradawg some times has. It smells pleasant id love see suite443 go to a Qr label that provides terp quantification on the label. Amco High Opinion 9 of 10

The Cure

The tricombs on this sample are mostly opaque. There are some showing a light yellowing and started to go threw the ambering process. All the tricomb heads are preset.under magnification.The Flower even passed the squeeze test. Telling us all that the moisture level in the flower is optimal. Amco High Opinion of 9 of 10.

The Taste

This Stardawg crop is a little different in my high opinion. I rolled a half gram of flower in the OCB virgin so not to muddle the taste of the terps.The loudest terp im getting is Limonene coming in with a sour note. The earthy notes and spicy notes of both humulene and carryophylene. Unlike the last crop that chemical wang is not strong. Amco High Opinion 8 of 10

The Effect

This stardawg hit me like a indica. I didnt get the normal sativa up all night energetic euphoria.I did get a mild muscle relaxation and some nephropathy nerve pain relief. The head high is intense. I even put the joint out more then once. Suit 443 has a fire flower here that is getting better each crop. Amco High Opinion of 9 out 10. Code 420amco


The ability of this strain to distract from pain, light muscle ache relief. I also think it be great to treat Ptsd pain stress or a lack of hunger. Over all Amco high opinion of 8.8.

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