Nature’s Care & Wellness Is Breaking The Cannabis Stigma

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Nature’s Care & Wellness (NCW) is a medical cannabis dispensary that was formed in 2014 by Robert Windsor and Will Vernall. NCW is committed to understanding the medical cannabis industry and the many benefits it can provide to its patients. The center is also dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare to its patients in a safe and welcoming setting.

Learn more about the services and resources offered at Nature’s Care & Wellness in this exclusive Patch one-on-one with General Manager Bonnie O’Callaghan.

Patch: How long have you been doing business in town?

O’Callaghan: Nature’s Care & Wellness (NCW) has been in the Perryville Community for a little over six years which was only two years after Medical Cannabis was deemed legal in Maryland. I joined the NCW team in mid 2017 and helped pave the way to providing medical cannabis to almost 3,000 registered cannabis patients (MMCC Patient Statistics 10.13.2020).

Patch: What attracted you to the line of work you’re in, and how did you get started?

O’Callaghan: Transitioning into the medical cannabis industry was an easy fit for me as the mother of two teenagers. I’ve always been a believer in natural/homeopathic solutions over big pharma. My passion for more natural medicines increased when I became a mom and for the past 18 years, I’ve seen the benefits with my own children.

Patch: If you had to sum up your business mission to a stranger, what would you say?

O’Callaghan: Breaking the cannabis stigma.

Patch: What’s the biggest challenge or most difficult moment you’ve faced in your job?

O’Callaghan: The biggest challenge of being in the medical cannabis industry is dealing with the stigma associated with cannabis usage. So often people associate cannabis users with laziness and apathy when, in fact, it is quite the opposite. More often than not, cannabis has helped people reclaim their lives rather than waste their lives. Cannabis has been scientifically proven to help reduce chronic pain, lower anxiety/depression, recover normal sleep patterns and so much more.

Patch: What’s the most satisfying part of your job?

O’Callaghan: The most satisfying part of the job is when you see a patient recover what was lost. For example, a patient will come in with chronic back pain and must use a walker to be mobile. They have tried various types of synthetic medicines but the side effects are too overwhelming or they just don’t work. Being able to work with them to determine the right products for them and watch their progress is beyond rewarding. It never ceases to amaze me to watch that patient — that could barely walk even with a walker — be able to walk into the dispensary without any assistance over a short period of time. Listening to all the exciting things they were able to do that day that a person without pain would consider “routine.” There are so many examples of these “miracles” we get to experience on a daily basis, from a patient that got a full night’s rest to a patient with tremors that have stopped before our eyes!

Patch: How would you say your business or organization distinguishes itself from the others?

O’Callaghan: Nature’s Care & Wellness stands out amongst the 22 other dispensaries in Cecil County (MMCC Patient Statistics 10.13.2020) because our focus is in patient care and education. Our patients know that they have our full attention when they visit. We love hearing their stories and how they are doing. At the same time, we make sure that patients understand their medicines and the benefits. We even spread awareness by going out into the community and sharing how medical cannabis can help. We are there every step of the way from registering to get a medical cannabis card to finding just the right dosage. Finally, we partner up with local charities to help give back to the community. In the past, we have helped fundraise donations for Veterans, animals and children’s charities.

Patch: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to success?

O’Callaghan: The best advice I’ve ever received early on in my career is to remember that my time is valuable! You only have so much time on this earth and it shouldn’t be spent doing something that doesn’t make you happy. As I got older and became a mother, another piece of advice that I took to heart was to leave the world better off than I found it. I live by both of these mantras every single day.

Patch: Are there any new projects or endeavors you’re working on that you’re extra excited about?

O’Callaghan: Right now, my main focus is to continue to grow Nature’s Care & Wellness patients. The medical cannabis industry is forever changing with new rules and regulations. I need to focus on making sure that our patients are getting the safest, high-quality products out there.

Patch: Do you have any events coming up in your community?

O’Callaghan: We do have an event coming up on November 7 at the Cecil County VFW in North East. We will be setting up a table to help answer questions on the benefits of cannabis, help new patients navigate the medical card certification process and have CBD products available for purchase. We typically try to have at least two events per month but that has been quite a challenge due to COVID-19 rules.

Patch: How can Patch readers learn more about your work and business?

O’Callaghan: Learn more at:

  1. Facebook @ncwmedical
  2. Website:
  3. Phone: 443-252-1383.
  4. Address: 4925 Pulaski Hwy Unit A Perryville, MD 21903

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