Roy Exum: What A Trooper Sees

When, at the end of December, the American people step back and review the Year of 2020, it will be unanimous that not one of us will be pleased with the progress we have made as the Greatest Nation in the World. Sure, the coronavirus is an unprecedented sorrow but, no, I don’t think anyone should be subjected to blame. The pandemic continues to be a world-wide disaster. We’ll have perhaps 300,000 dead in the United States by mid-December and it has most definitely affected each of our lives. But the wave of anger, insensitive caring for others, and pure meanness towards just about everything bothers me just as much. Right now, we rejoice that over 5 million Americans have survived the disease, but that doesn’t make for good “copy,” as typewriter-written news stories were called back in the day.

If it is not hateful or inflammatory, it doesn’t sell.

This will be also be the year of “I didn’t sign up for this!” The overwhelming despair of our first responders, our doctors and nurses who have been proven as our most courageous, “didn’t sign up for this.” Yet their response was heart-rendering. We literally pray every day for vaccines in hope that one day COVID-19 will be like polio – only in history books. And I believe 10 years from now, when a more compassionate people return to their senses, it will be well established America did the very best we could under the circumstances.

So, with rancor over coronavirus unwarranted, the biggest regret is the cancer we could have stopped at the root cause but lacked the leadership to do so – over $2 billion in damages by rioting criminals. President Trump’s fault? Not on your life. This one lies at the Democrats’ feet and before you scoff, be reminded that in Chicago, there have been 612 Americans killed out of 3,255 who have been needlessly shot already this year, and that we still have three months to go. This is inexcusable in a Republic like ours, yet the liberals’ solution is to defund the police, dilute justice, and defend the common thugs.

As a result, police officers are resigning in droves. A further result, homicides have increased by double-figure percentages in our biggest Democrat-governed cities. Police moral is lower that it has ever been in America and you want to know what every police officer is saying? “I didn’t sign up for this.”

Case in point: On Aug. 25, 2020 President Trump staged a campaign rally in Newport News, Va. The night before a Virginia state trooper was called by his command and ordered to report before the rally and serve in the name of law and order. He was told to wear his riot gear and alerted to the fact his would be a 14+ hour shift. Please read what he “didn’t sign up for.”

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(The recollection was written by an anonymous Virginia state trooper assigned to duty in Norfolk, Va., on Aug. 25, 2020)

I attended the President’s rally in Newport News, yesterday. Not like I wanted to, though, I was deployed there in my official capacity. Got the word late Thursday night, and answered the call.

I’m exceptionally thankful for this experience because I got to see oil and water, SIDE BY SIDE. Literally a few feet apart. I’m now even more absolutely certain that I support the correct side. I’d like to tell anyone that wants to hear it, what I saw.

The first half of the assignment I was overwhelmed by the community support! While moving to our staging point, the citizens were phenomenal in their vocal support of us. American flags/blue line flags/Trump flags were waving, people were thanking us, praying for us, letting us know how much the “silent majority” supports us and how they will be heard on Election Day.

Contrary to what the media and the left would report, I saw THOUSANDS (the overflow crowd estimate was 3,000-plus) of beautiful, patriotic Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Whites, and everything in between, being respectful and conducting themselves with the utmost decency. They said they loved us and were praying for us. You would have thought that this event was a parade to honor the police. I cannot lie to you, I teared up more than once. You can listen to the media garbage if you like, but something real is happening just like it did four years ago.

Not long after sunset, BLM (“Black Lives Matter”, estimated 10) showed up. I do not support this Marxist organization, but I do have to protect their free speech. I stood in the two feet between them and the passing rally participants. I am absolutely convinced of a demonic influence in the group. I (we) have absorbed a lot over the last 3-4 months, but last night was exceptionally evil.

I listened to BLM tell us that our mothers should have aborted us, they called us b******s, pigs, racists, bacon, etc., etc. I even saw a guy dressed like Satan trying to stare a hole through me. Once they realized we were not fazed by their garbage, they turned it on the rally participants. Respectful and peaceful men, women and children of all shapes, sizes and colors, were then getting the vitriol that had been hurled at the police.

I expect this garbage because I wear a badge and I am the symbol of what they hate. But these innocent people did not deserve any of it. Even amongst the most-vile comments being shouted at them, most of which I will not repeat, many rally participants did not hesitate to continue thanking us and praying for our safety. When BLM could not get anyone to “bite their hooks,” They moved to the city streets. We spent the rest of the night keeping them from impeding traffic.

I lost track of how many times someone threatened to “beat my ass,” but I recall how quickly a particular male (I won’t say “man,” because he was clearly a coward, and not worthy of being referred to as a man) shut his mouth and backed up when I promptly stepped over the line that he indicated would result in my ass-beating. Maybe 50-60 humans with their cell phones, megaphones, and whinny voices, and not one honorable man or woman among them.

Just foul-mouthed garbage, yelling factually incorrect media lies, all night. At the end they were indicating that they were not tired and could go all night. It was near midnight when they almost immediately dispersed. I guess they were actually tired and hungry, and needed to get back to their parent’s basements.

I know this group does not represent the entirety of the left, but I believe the Democratic Party has been highjacked by evil, and they are turning our young people into useful idiots.

The blue line, each of us clad in nearly 60 pounds of riot gear, matched them step for step, and held the line until the cowards dispersed. I serve with some truly amazing and honorable people!

* * *

It is now 27 days until the November election (Tuesday, Nov. 3) and while, no, you didn’t sign up to be party to such a gnarly circus, this is your only chance for your voice to matter one way or another. Please consider abandoning the mail-in option and instead vote in person. This way your physical presence assures your vote will be counted. Early voting will begin in Hamilton County next Wednesday on Oct. 14.

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